AK47, Papa Cidy Rebel Against Chameleone

Chameleone with new spinner Baby Love

Word reaching us from the Leon Island crew has it that singer Jose Chameleone is no longer at ease with his Leone Island Crew members.

Sources reveal that top crew members including his own brother AK47, Papa Cidy and Young Mulo are not happy with how he runs the camp and could be set to quit.

As a result Chameleone has also started to snub them. Last weekend the singer snubbed his subordinates and travelled alone without any backup singers to Nairobi where he had shows.

Previously he would travel with Papa Cidy, AK47 and his personal disc spinner Selekta Ivan. An insider intimated to us that he has suspended his personal DJ Ivan selector whom he has been travelling with to all international shows and replaced him with DJ Baby Love. However a source close to Chameleone tells us that he doesn’t care whoever leaves.

A few years back, singers Moze Radio and Weasel TV left him to form Goodlyfe Crew.


10 thoughts on “AK47, Papa Cidy Rebel Against Chameleone

  1. These fellow singers, likes o4 papa cindy are just dea 2 popularise thm selves & after wards they settle on dea own on gaining alot from da affluent ” chameleone”

  2. These are the swagas of these generation. be contended with your decisions, even enterpreneurs change service providers

  3. Chameleon will always remain the best Ugandan artist. Bravo Jose, just keep on track, let these boyz not distract you.

  4. what; do they want to learn foever!? its about time they left the nest and started foraging on their own!

  5. Am not suprised that Jose is doing that as itsnt his 1st or last time, after making such lots of money from those young boys thats what he can reward them……?

  6. Life is what u make it. Let them go and try their luck on their own instead of walking in some ones shadow go on boys u nid to grow or stand up from the crowd

  7. seriously? and we were busy being kiwaned in bergen, when he was in nairobi, kyokka ugandans!!!

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