5TH TERM: Janet, Bitekyerezo Clash over term limits

Janet Museveni

FIRST LADY Janet Museveni recently grilled Mbarara Municipality MP Medard Bitekyerezo over the issue of term limits and President Yoweri Museveni’s 5th term. The incident happened in the corridors of parliament. Sources, who are friends with Bitekyerezo and were with him in the corridors of Parliament when it happened, told us Janet was heading to her car after the plenary session. She then found Bitekyerezo with other MPs chatting in the corridors of Parliament. She stopped and smiled. After greeting them, she asked Bitekyerezo this question.

“Hon. Bitekyerezo what is happening? What is wrong? I hear you have made it a habit to go to Mbarara every weekend and appear on radio. I’m told you are always criticising the government yet you are in NRM. That is not right. Something must be wrong. What really is wrong?” sources quoted Janet as cordially asking Bitekyerezo who beat John Kazoora of FDC to get Mbarara Municipality seat. Sources said Bitekyerezo confessed that he had been on radio to speak to his constituents with an aim of guiding them on topical issues such as 5th term and restoring term limits. “I have been frank telling them we need term limits and not 5th term at this time. I have been telling them to consider constitutionalism and NRM as an institution and not individuals,” Bitekyerezo told Janet who kept asking “but what is wrong? What could be the problem?” In the end, sources said the usually polite Bitekyerezo raised his voice and told Janet: “Maama everything is wrong in this country. There is nothing we are getting right.” Sources say Janet said ok and laughed a little bit and left the MPs.

She then headed to her car and left Parliament. Sources also said State House is concerned why Sheema MP Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye became silent after launching Museveni’s 5th term in June. State House expected Elioda to keep promoting the project but Museveni’s aides are surprised to see that the MP has been keeping a low profile at functions in his constituency. Sources say when he invited Museveni and launched the 5th term, reports went around his constituency that Elioda had been given a lot of money for the project. People started asking him for money wherever he went yet in actual sense he didn’t have any. We hear that is the reason why he is now quiet because each time he tells people about the 5th term, they ask him for money yet he is also broke like other MPs.

5 thoughts on “5TH TERM: Janet, Bitekyerezo Clash over term limits

  1. Dr Biteks, thanks for standing for what is right. A lot is indeed not right in this beloved country of ours. Maama Janet, with all due respect, should have known better that the 5th Team project is not Uganda for Uganda, neither is the notion of limitless presidential terms. I am proud of you, Hon Dr Biteks!

  2. Yes, we have true Ugandans who are there to tell spade is spade for our leaders, why to tell lies when things are not moving rightly, therefore, show them my dear MPs whether NRM OR opposition, it is our collective responsibilities to do so

  3. It was good mama Janet was cordial and polite. We may still need NRM but not the fifth term. You mean there are no other Ugandans who can contribute to the development of this country? What happens when the son of kaguta decides all of a sudden not to contest in the next polls? will Uganda be dead?

  4. Uganda’s problem is not 5th term or term limit but working hard as always president say very many people have contributed to the development of uganda’s economy such as murwana yet there not president. know how to address issues.

  5. With all due respect to mama,she should have known that being in NRM does not stop its members from mentioning what is wrong within the government.Should Dr.Bitte remain silent if something is a miss?In anycase,this should be an opportunity to note any concerns.

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