26 Presidents, 40 Delegations for Uganda’s Independence

The number of presidents who have confirmed they will attend Uganda’s celebrations to mark 50 years of independence has risen to 26.

The Uganda Minister of Information and National Guidance Mary Karooro Okurut told Red Pepper Online last night that all is set for the jubilee celebrations.

And according to information obtained from the Uganda Media Centre, these presidents will be joined by 40 delegations from different countries including China and the United States. The presidents include newly elected presidents of Egypt Mohamed Morsi and Somalia Hassan Mohamud.

The other heads of state are Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Mwai Kibaki of Kenya, Pierre Nkrunziza of Burundi, Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Salva Kiir of South Sudan, Congo Brazzaville, and Joyce Banda of Malawi. The other heads of state who have confirmed are from Central African Republic, Gambia, Benin.

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who handed over instruments of power to the first post independent Prime Minister of Uganda, Dr. Apollo Militon Obote, has already arrived in the country to represent Her Majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth II. Britain is Uganda’s former colonial master.

At the heart of the celebrations will be a state of the art pavilion constructed by the engineering brigade of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces. The UPDF says construction work which started in May seeing the pavements and roads leading to the grounds face-lifted, has cost them some 14 billion shillings.

Meanwhile, Minister Karooro has directed all electronic media to start popularizing the Uganda National Anthem ahead of the celebrations.

Chapter Two, Article 8 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda lists the National Anthem as one of the National Symbols.  It is an obligation for all Ugandan citizens to learn and know, how to sing, and appreciate the message in our National Anthem,” she directed in a statement this week.

She argued that the Uganda National Anthem carries very rich and patriotic messages that guide Ugandans towards performance of our duties, as citizens and the country celebrates 50 years of our independence, and look to the future, Government is enjoining the media to popularise the National Anthem as a noble social responsibility contribution by the media, towards National awareness.

“This is, therefore, to request that airing all the three (3) Stanzas of our National Anthem be given prominence  in your media house.  This should be played at the beginning of every news bulletin.”

3 thoughts on “26 Presidents, 40 Delegations for Uganda’s Independence

  1. TO ALL MY FRIENDS FROM UGANDA : As you mark the 50th years of independence, May you have all the joy your heart can hold, All the fruits your soils can yield, All the Freedoms your Country can accord, All the smiles a day can bring, All the blessings a life can unfold, May you get the World’s best in everything. Wishing U a Happy Independence Day !!!! South Sudan Loves you !!!! Njagala nyo !

  2. iif museveni had suspended the celebration of fifty yrs of banana and directed that the army purchase medical kits and equips every hospital in uganda so that expectant mothers stop dieing delivery rooms due to lack of basics like plastic gloves, i would have alouded him as a great nationalist of our era.
    but to invite heads of states and diginataries, a fiftht gathering in a peiod of five yrs consumming over two hundred billons, funds that are enough to provide primary healthcare to each and every coner of uganda is a real SHAME.
    ITS OVER two hundred billions spent since chogma and tommorow, we could have build 100 primary schools all equiped with labs and computers we could have supplied twenty thousand medical beds to all hospital so that we stop the shameful admission of patients laying on the floor or trauma and accident victims sharing beds, its fifty years of shame.
    all of us and our leadrs who are bent on eating and filling their bellies other than helping mother uganda .
    if today Alex Mukulu, was to reproduce fifty years of banana Museveni would ban the play and he wouldnt be able to attend it as he did twenty yrs ago, its pitty that not a single ugandan is against these lavish parties held every year while our people are linguishing in poverty.
    like SEJUSSA said its shame when people look back why they put their careers and lives on line only to produce land grabbers and sophisicated mafia style robbers spread all throught the govt and even in the opposition.
    The question who will redeedm us .
    we have laid our future in thy hands for fifty good yr with out a liberator those whowill be taking medals tommorow have o think twice

  3. there is a time for everything as there is an opposite for everything. 9th oct ai a day for celebration and would like to request our politician on all sides to give ugandans a chance and space to celebrate as brothers and sisters with out having to think of politics which usually divides us, and ends up in sorrowful moments.happy independence to all ugandans and friends of uganda

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