Kyambadde’s Relatives Cited in Centenary Park Saga

By Our Reporter

Amelia stopping KCCA workers from demolishing the structures

A revelation that Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde’s relatives misled her on the Centenary Park saga cooled off a potential confrontation with Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi, Red Pepper Online has learnt.

The park was a scene of violent confrontation Thursday morning when KCCA law enforcement teams clashed with tenants, most especially the lease-holder, Nnalongo Estates owned by Kampala Central Division Chairman Godfrey Nyakana and his wife Sarah.

The tenants had been warned to vacate the area and give way for establishment of a green belt following their failure to adhere to the rules that strictly bound them to construction of non-permanent structures.

But things got to a head when KCCA law enforcers arrived at the scene and started razing down some of the structures.

 The sudden arrival of the trade minister stopped a potential fatal confrontation between angry tenants and the police when she ordered every one to back off accusing Musisi of being insensitive and a terrorist.

 A meeting set up later at KCCA headquarters to cool down tempers between her and Musisi ended with Amelia apologizing for losing her temper saying she had been misled about the saga.

Red Pepper Online has since learnt that during the meeting at KCCA headquarters, Amelia was told that her two relatives who run businesses at the park had misled her to think that KCCA had razed down the entire structures and destroyed properties. She was also shown evidence which indicates how Nnalongo Estates was secretly moving to sell off the park without KCCA’s knowledge. The saga continues.

10 thoughts on “Kyambadde’s Relatives Cited in Centenary Park Saga

  1. You mean to say I should be the relative of Amelia so that she will protect our property infront of Bank of Uganda.

  2. @Oliver. thats Ug for you. unless you have not been in uganda for the past 20 or so years…thats what ug is all about. no wonder Kyambadde is boiling like a wounded lion…if you see a politician like this them you know they are really affected directly else why not Elias the Mayor to complain but her. and she says she is in charge of trade.. They are cleaning the city of the mess it has been in for a long time…so shut up madam Kyambadde and let Musisi do her work

  3. It seems Uganda is coming of real age we now have some women who are real strong enough to run the show. Democracy is taking root. This is a very every good sign of the countries future. Grinding till the top before you know it Uganda is going to be a first class country. Am glad no one got seriously hurt.

  4. this is what i have for you guys to try and see weather it is true LC 5 Chairman Namutumba district refused to enter the old office since from the finishing of election

  5. Real even if jenipher is trying to is work that is not the way things are supposed to be done, first ask how did the people got the plans which they followed and how many years so far gone, in fact those people will pay for it

  6. It’s so sad,kyambadde should gracely resign for her action towards blocking the Kampala excutive director from doing her job. Now that it has come out that kyambadde a conflict of intrest ie her relatives being some of the people with businesses at centenary park.Uganda and Kampala are for Ugandans and many are demanding for an organized city and that will make some people unhappy. Even in the developed world authorities work hard to keep cities in order and for sure some citizens may not be happy.

  7. This Kyambadde is now visibly having Arab (or Israelis?) soldiers as bodyguards. No wonder she pulled off thaz feat. Tell me which other woman in the country can do that? I doubt that Janet or her daughters could manage that.

  8. where is uganda heading to? are our leaders serving their own personal interests or for the entire country? amelia please am waiting for your reply


  10. Ms Amelia, respect the BOSS who appointed Jennifer without interviews. It is the same authority that appointed u. Madam u are risking! Jenny has neither come to your office nor Mawokota. are u trying to protect the dirt and mess in the city? what is it?? Wama Jenny, abo tobafako, just revise your law notes and go ahead, after all Lord Mayor is appreciating

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