Al-Shabaab Thumped Out Of Kismayu

An excited Obbo leads some of the militants who were captured

By Dalton Kaweesa.
Forces of African Mission in Somalia (Amisom) have wrestled out of the strategic areas of the port city of Kismayu the heartless Al-Shabaab militants.

In a battle that raged on Thursday night, Amisom forces gained ground and accordingly expect the final fall of the port soon.

“At the weekend, Amisom jets had bombed the airport in Kismayu, destroying an armoury and warehouse used by the Islamist militants,” Colonel Ali Aden Houmed, Amisom spokesperson said.
Realising a lot of pressure mounted on them, over 25 members of the Al-Shabaab have turned themselves into UPDF forces.

The militants surrendered in Garesale after a bloody Balad operation engaged them.
The Uganda contingent commander Brig. Michael Ondoga said: “We shall continue to engage those still left behind, such that they come and join hands in contributing to the peace in Somalia.”
He said under the United Nations mandate, they are also expected to ensure that the conflict in Somalia is solved without use of violence.

“Through continued engagement, we expect more disengagement of the militants soon. This is a sign of the great desire by the Somali people to attain peace no sooner than now,” Brig. Ondoga said.
In a telephone interview, the Ugandan Contingent Public Information officer, Capt Henry Obbo revealed that apart from defections, other militants have since been captured in battles and special operations.
“Over the last one week we intercepted six militants. Four were intercepted aboard a vehicle along Balad-Jawher Road, whereas two were intercepted in a taxi on Marka-Afgooye Road, armed with rifles,” Obbo said.

He revealed that those intercepted are suspected to be part of the group that conduct targeted killings and suicide attacks in the city.
Describing them as ‘sneaking ins’, Obbo said the group takes advantage of the current massive civilian influx (business community) into Mogadishu.

He said the surrender of Al-shabaab fighters confirmed reports of serious divisions in Al-shabaab ranks.
“This is a sign of the militants conceding defeat across Somalia, and the dire need by the Somali people for immediate peace,” he said.
Al-Shabaab has been forced out of the capital, Mogadishu, and several other towns over the past years, but still controls much of the countryside in south and central Somalia.

6 thoughts on “Al-Shabaab Thumped Out Of Kismayu

  1. be specific not Amison jets but Kenyan Jets under Amisom Umbrella man call a spade a spade Kenyan Soldiers and TFG soldiers were the ones that brought Kisimayu down Bravoo to them and Bravoo to UPDF for taking on Mogadishu with Burdian forces and TFG.

    1. UPDF and Burundi are not only in Mogadishu. They have taken on many more key towns like Marka 100 km away along the Coats and Balad many more Miles away from Mogadishu and today they are deployed as far as Baidoa which is 250km away from Mogadishu

    2. Dan, Aren’t Kenyan soldiers in somalia serving under Amison? Plse dont be shallow minded. both ugandan n burudian soldiers serving under amison have liberated Mogadishu and many more important towns bt have never read any divisive statement like yours before. Whereas we are abt to see the formation of a regional army, its a pity to learn that we still have people who are clumsy like you.

    3. dan your divisive tactics dont add any value to anyone stop trying self seeking measures kenyan jets are under amison and the funding from the same soon you will start telling us it was major so and so or captain so and so who bombed what and what so be broad minded and lets all celebrate this without unnecessary issues

  2. Yeah? Kenyans tOok down kisimayu? Those chaps wouldn’t have even come close to that city if it wasn’t for the updf..u my friend are the one that needs fact Checks… Read a book on patriotism too. While you r at it.

  3. Bravo to UPDF, Bravo to all the gallant soldiers from Burundi, Kenya,and elsewhere. If there is any man who deserves accolades before anybody else-it is Kaguta, the President of Uganda. The man certainly has weaknesses (don’t we all?), but it is him, and him as an individual who almost unilaterally dared to tread -where almost no other leader couldn’t -Mogadishu.

    Now , I may have my own bone to pick with this decisive son of Africa, but on Somalia- I unwavering give him the kudos. Africa needs peace. We need peace if we are to develop those super highways-the type Muzei Kibaki is commendably attempting. It is Uganda, with its UPDF which sent its boys-no holds barred, no hesitation, no turning back and now we are beginning to see sanity return to this oil and mineral rich country of enterprising people -Somalia. We as part of humanity wish Somalia the very best-the population has seen enough bloodshed and disenfranchisement.

    As for the insinuations and innuendos that it is Kenya who should take the glory-for me is like a co-wives fight over who cooks the best food or satisfies the jointly owned spouse. Surely, it is not about whether it is Kenya jets , or Uganda boys who have pacified Kismayo (if it is anyway). What everybody should be saying is Hambalyo (Somali for well done) to each other for team for a job well done! Even to the militants, we need to say Hambalyo for giving up the fight and avoiding more bloodshed especially of fellow Somalis and I add (fellow Muslims!!!). So to kenya and Uganda- hey folks, we did it together, yes we did, but least we forget, the man called Museveni deserves first prize-like him or not. Bravo HE Museveni, bravo UPDF, bravo Kenya defense, bravo Somali national forces and bravo everybody who played a prat.

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