Why Women Should Visit Their Gynecologists More Often

Why Women Should Visit Their Gynecologists More Often

By Marion Adongo

Maintaining your sexual and reproductive health should be a priority for any adult woman. In order to maintain good reproductive and sexual health, females should visit a gynecologist (a doctor who specializes in females’ reproductive health) for an exam about once a year. Generally, females should begin seeing a gynecologist at the age of 21, but begin earlier if they become sexually active.

Girls should get their first gynecology checkup sometimes between ages 13 and 15. At this age most girls will have started going through puberty and so becomes a good time to check that everything is developing properly.

After the first appointment, women and girls should go for a gynecology checkup once a year even if one feels fine. This is majorly because most of the reproductive system is hidden inside the body thus one cannot easily tell if there’s a problem.

Other reasons to visit a gynecologist include seeking treatment for irregular periods, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and vaginal infections. Females who are sexually active or are considering becoming sexually active can visit a gynecologist to learn more about contraceptive methods.

If a woman has a concern about her menstrual cycle, it is important to make an appointment with the gynecologist as soon as possible. Irregular menstruation can be one of such concerns. If the problem is ignored, it could cause reproductive problems later on.

In addition, if periods have stopped, become irregular, last a long time or have undergone a change in blood flow, a woman should tell her gynecologist immediately and in great detail. The more specific a woman can be, the better it is for her.

Women should always get an annual pelvic exam. It is recommended that patients with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge, infertility or pelvic pain should receive a pelvic examination as well as patients with abnormal uterine bleeding, changes in bowel or bladder function or symptoms of vaginal discomfort. It is not every woman’s favorite appointment, but a pelvic exam is indispensable to a woman’s overall health.

More to that, vaginal discharge is something to keep a keen eye on if you are a woman. A bad odor or discharge from the vagina is a sign that something is wrong, usually an infection. If left untreated, or if a woman attempts to treat the problem without the help of a gynecologist, the problem can quickly get worse. So it’s important to quickly make an appointment.

Once a woman becomes sexually active and is not yet ready to conceive, she should visit a gynecologist for birth control and family planning advice. It should be noted that gynecologists share plenty of options related to the various family planning methods.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but when a woman is always on painkillers for cramps, or when sex is super painful, the gynecologist can help. It is not very healthy to keep taking painkillers such as ibuprofen each month because It could hurt the woman’s liver.

Therefore, a gynecologist can help one make informed birth control choices, deal with issues in menstruation or unexplained pelvic or breast pain, and check your thyroid and cholesterol. Visiting a gynecologist yearly will promote prevention, help recognize risk factors, and assist in fostering a relationship with a gynecologist, an important aspect for many women, especially if pregnancy will be a factor.