Water Crisis Hits Police, Army and Prisons As NWSC Disconnects Them

By Serestino Tusingwire

In the last four days  several police and army barracks as well the government prison in Luzira have been undergoing water crisis after their taps were disconnected by the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

NWSC says it has no more money to purchase chemicals for water purification and it already owes its suppliers a lot of money.

Officials worry that if the situation is not rectified soon they might be forced to pump untreated water, which might have serious health implications for the public.

“We have issues to do with chemicals, indeed if we don’t get money, then we shall be prompted to supply untreated water despite the dangerous it can cause,” an official said.

According to the company’s director of commercial and customer care George Okol, the crisis stems from the government’s failure to pay its arrears in water bills amounting to Shs25 billion shillings accrued from the police, prisons and the army.

It is revealed that Police owes NWSC Shs8billion, prisons 6billions, army 11billions and Mulago owes it 1.5billions.

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