University Given 60-Day Ultimatum to Pay Dead Lecturer’s Salary

University Given 60-Day Ultimatum to Pay Dead Lecturer’s Salary

By Milton Emmy Akwam

LIRA/GULU: The relatives and family friends to the late Ambrose Eger, a former lecturer of Gulu University have threatened to take legal action should it delay paying sums of money in the name of the fallen Eger.

Eger died on April 8th, 2017 and was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Alebtong district on April 15th, 2017, but before his death, he had won a case against Gulu University but had not been paid.

It should be noted that two years ago, Eger was laid-off by Gulu University over what he said before his death was ‘intrigue’ by some institution colleagues.                                                                                                                                 He therefore sued the University in High Court, a verdict Court ruled in his favor, averring that the lecturer was illegally sacked from service.

Court ruled that he should be paid legal damages and other cost in millions, but the University is yet to clear the said sums.

In an exclusive interview with Red Pepper Online on Thursday, Isaa Otoo Amiza, the deceased friend said he was making arrangement with deceased family members to take legal steps.

Otto, describing his gone friend as a true nationalist, brilliant and a true UPC consultant, said the University partly played a role in Eger’s death.

He said his friend was tortured, denied salary by his employer only to survive on handouts.

“We are giving them 60 days to pay to zero all monies to the deceased. After that, we shall take legal and administrative steps,” he said.

He added: “They (Gulu University) must consider the plight of the deceased children.”

The deceased left behind four children, one at the university.

Deceased relatives believe that following the layoff of their son, the physiological and emotional tortures sped up his death.

However, according to medical report, he died of hypertension coupled with other ailment.

Meanwhile, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party under Joseph Mbosa has condemned the manner in which their own ‘steward’ died.

In their message, the party promised to support the family to ensure they get what is due to them by all means.

“He was a true champion of rule of law, governance and a leading advocate for justice,” reads message from the party.

Responding to above statements, Mahood Khalid, the Gulu University Public Relations Officer (PRO) says the university had commenced committing herself as per the Court ruling.

Kahlid in a telephone interview with our reporter on Friday morning said, “I know that there was some Court ruling and there was obligation from his employer to pay.”

During the burial of their former academic staff, the institution contributed Shs1m towards burial expenses.