Thugs Drop Letter Inside VP Ssekandi’s home, Ask him to Join Struggle to oust M7

Thugs Drop Letter Inside VP Ssekandi’s Home, Ask him to Join Struggle to oust M7

Thugs beat the heavy security at Vice President Edward Ssekandi’s home in Masaka and dropped anonymous letters, asking him to join the fight to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni.

It is not clear how the thugs who claim to be “UPFF’ beat heavy security presence at Ssekandi’s home to drop this letter.

In the letter, the thugs tell Ssekandi to ‘wake up’ and fight what they call ‘dictator’ Museveni and his ‘corrupt tribesmen’. They say that it is only through war that Museveni can be defeated.

Cissy Kayiira, one of Ssekandi’s relatives who stay at the vice president’s home, says they found the letter written in both English and Luganda just next to the gate. She says they were surprised at how the thugs beat the security to drop the letter.

The elite Special Forces Command soldiers that guard this home have taken the letter to Masaka central police station.

This incident comes a day after unknown assailants shot and killed Gideo Tusubira, a businessman in Masaka at his home in Bisanje trading centre. The killing of Tusubira comes at a time when several villages in Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Lwengo, Kalungu and Rakai have been attacked by thugs leaving at least four people dead and 30 others injured.

The latest letter has now left security puzzled by the wave of criminality in greater Masaka region.

Police have since arrested at least 90 suspects in connection with current wave of criminality. They are on remand at Masaka central prison on murder, assault and terrorism charges