The Bobi Wine I Knew Up To June 6th, 2017

The Bobi Wine I Knew Up To June 6th, 2017

By Arinaitwe Rugyendo

In 2002, a sweating and shabbily- dressed Bobi Kyagulanyi walked to my office desk in Makerere- Kavule with a very poorly recorded Kagoma Kalubendera CD. His complaint was that he had been ignored by all the mainstream media yet he had a dream that should be exacted through a last- resort media house- US!!

He also told me he loved a certain ‘difficult and conservative’ girl called Kyagulanyi Barbie Itungo but prayed she would one day give her a hand in marriage.

No one had noticed the potential in this ‘ruffian ghettoist’ at that time. I sat him down, gave him some water (he was really looking tired and dusty), interviewed him and found out he was a consummate intellectual.


He told me last week that he keeps that interview up till today. No newspaper at that time wanted to speak to him. Red Pepper did. When that Interview was published, the elitist ‘Have You Heard’ Gossip Column blindly labeled him a low- grade ‘Red Pepper’ Artist.

Now, I feel, we might be having a high grade #Tupac-like candidate in our midst!

I know Bobi so well. I know his views on social justice and the injustice of poverty. I think Bobi represents a new wave of an anti- establishment movement composed of the wretched urban proletariat.

Therefore, if Bobi didn’t make it to parliament, I would be very shocked. He really gave us a moment to think about how fairly do we ensure everybody has access to opportunity in this country.