Singer Hooks 85-year Old Grandma

Singer Hooks 85-year Old Grandma

To upcoming young artistes, it has become trendy to hook old wealth women to push their careers.

The latest is that upcoming dancehall singer Trekaman has hooked an 85 year old sugar mummy, Josephine Gustafsson from Sweden.

Sources close to the singer say that he is keeping it a top secret and he wants to get citizenship then dump her.


He joins singer Guvnor Ace who bonked and wedded an older woman.

In August 2015, a 28-year old Guvnor caused a major storm in the Uganda when he walked down the aisle a 68-year old grandma as his wife in a secret wedding in Kampala. This raised eyebrows due to their age difference though Guvnor denied he was after the grandma’s money.

Singer Guvnor Ace married Monalisa Larsson who he had met on Facebook after she left a comment in one of his videos online. Guvnor had sent Monalisa a friend request which the Swedish grandma accepted and the two started chatting before eventually becoming lovers and agreeing to marry.

Guvnor later dumped her and eloped with another young Ugandan woman to Norway.

Now the latest information is that Monalisa is back at it with yet, a younger musician. The upcoming musician called Aziz Magic and works with singer Ziza Bafana.

The new couple is already parading their love on social media. Monalisa claims that Guvnor was after her money and was not genuinely in love with her. We hope Aziz is not equally for her money.