A man has been accused of stripping naked and robbing a bank before being found getting dressed in the building’s toilet moments later.

banking hall

Police said they discovered Ezekial Deanda, 32, putting his clothes back on in a toilet in the basement of the bank he had just robbed in the nude.

Police said Ezekial Deanda, 32, took off all of his clothes before demanding cash at the Associated Bank in Rockford, Illinois, on Friday August 15.

He’s then alleged to have run off with an undisclosed amount of money. But he’s said to have been found by officers a short time later, getting dressed in a toilet located in the basement of the bank he’d just robbed.

He was taken in custody after a scuffle with police where he allegedly spat on one of the officers, the Chicago Tribune reports.


  • ruth mukasa

    Our government needs to provide employment but must consider other measures to counter the root causes. Education is one way to change people’s behaviour. Uganda as a country must provide activities to occupy people’s mind. It sounds as money wasted but that is why we pay taxes for. How someone, strips off there must be something wrong mentally.

    • Mugezi

      But this happened in Illinois — not Uganda.

    • Rose-muna_U Omubalagavu

      This show how poor Ugandans are at reading!! Ruth for heaven sake this didn’t happen in Uganda

  • Mugisha John

    Ruth Mukasa,next time u post your comment,first read and understand the story.This happened in Illinoi Chicago usa not in Uganda ok!

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