Producer Kays Thrown Out of House over Rent

Producer Kays Thrown Out of House over Rent

Local music producer Kays is reported to be homeless at the moment after being thrown out of his rented apartment over rent issues.

According to sources, Kays has been renting a house in Naalya Housing Estate which he turned into a recording studio.

Kays has been hosting pals and they turn the house into a smoking zone of sorts which did not go down well with the neighbours.

However, it is said that Kays failed to pay the Shs500,000 rent and have since fallen out with the estates’ landlord who has kicked them out much to the excitement of the neighbours.

The beat maker has been having financial troubles ever since he reportedly fell out with singer Jose Chameleone about two years back.

Before the fall out, Kays was the official producer at Chameleone’s studio in Bunga.