Prisons Wardens Torture Inmate To Death

Prisons Wardens Torture Inmate To Death

Work was paraylsed at Nakaseke Hospital after residents of Nongo village; Kyikamuli Sub-county Nakaseke stormed the facility, seeking answers over the death of a prisoner who was their village-mate.

Godfrey Kato was remanded to Wakyato prison for allegedly stealing a bodaboda motorcycle belonging to Lillian Namubiru, but died on Sunday and the body was found with severe wounds.

Residents say the wounds on the deceased’s body show that he was badly tortured

Carlos Drakulu, the officer in charge of the Wakyato prison says the deceased had gone to collect firewood with fellow prisoners and suddenly collapsed and died.

“Prisons who are village-mates to the deceased say the he had a history of low blood pressure, but on admission he didn’t tell us that he is suffering from that disease, so we are not aware of the cause of his death,” Drakulu said. Police are investigating the matter.

The relatives refused to take the body until prisons officials explain how their loved one died.