Pretty Brandy Releases after Easter Goodies

Pretty Brandy Releases after Easter Goodies

Being a talented music artiste is one thing and being a good promoter of your own songs is another thing.

Pretty Brandy is one hell of upcoming artistes who has turned a new trend in promoting her own music. The magic is simple- Flaunt what your mom gave you on social media.

As revelers were figuring out how to go by the Easter season, Pretty Brandy was not in the music studio to release a hit, but she was actually in the photo studio preparing to release salacious photos to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It has become a trend for Brandy to tag her sexy and mouthwatering photos along with her music after she seemingly realized that the two move hand in hand.

And as we speak, men are flooding her social media pages in the name of checking out her new releases; both in nudes and lyrics.