Pastor Kayanja Faces Jail Over Shs2bn Tv Debt

Pastor Kayanja Faces Jail Over Shs2bn Tv Debt

By Our Reporters

All isn’t well for Rubaga Miracle Center’s Ps Robert Kayanja whose Miracle TV or Channel 44 risks being switched off air after the flamboyant man of God failed to pay an Israelite company that has since 2012 been providing him with Satelite services.

The same TV Channel, whose workers sometimes missed prompt remuneration, has been used to propagate the revival message Ps Kayanja has been propagating through his 77DOGS crusade that has been ongoing for months.

Millions have been following the 77DOGS messages and in the process getting healed within Uganda and across the African continent and beyond. The 77DOGS healing services, which have revived the vibrancy of the Kayanja Christian Ministry, are broadcast 24/7 on Channel 44 whose operations are now threatened by an impending court suit requiring Kayanja to pay over $500,000 which comes to over Shs2bn in Ugandan currency.

We have seen documentation showing that way back in 2012, Kayanja or his agents travelled to Israel and contracted RRsat and Spacecom/AMOS-5, another Israelite satellite provision firm, into a 5 year satellite services agreement.  In the case of RRSAT Global Communications Network Ltd, the 15th August 2014 agreement required Kayanja to pay a monthly service fee of $14,900 to the service provider.

Legal Counsel Noa Wellisch’s 2nd page of the demand letter which Ps Kayanja ignored

According to letters written by prominent city lawyer Clare Rukundo of CR Amanya Advocates & Solicitors, $29,800 was supposed to be paid by Kayanja as initial deposit. This understanding was breached by Kayanja as the monthly $14,900 obligation went unpaid for a period of 36 months yet his TV Channel continued enjoying the RRSAT’ satellite services. In that period, RRSAT provided the following services:

“down linking of one video and one audio from Amos-5 satellite (C-Band) at 17 degrees east to RRSAT Israel Teleport [making Channel 44 accessible to Kayanja’s followers in the Holy Land]. They also provided MPEG-2Compression, Multiplexing, Modulation, Ku-bank uplink to SES 5 Satellite at 5 degree east and up to 1.5mbps VBR space segment on a statistical multiplexing MCPC platform on Ses 5 satellite.”

Legal Counsel Noa Wellisch’s letter asking Kayanja to pay up

In the 36 months, RRSAT invoiced Kayanja six times but the man of God simply ignored them yet his Channel 44 remained serviced. In their 2nd August 2017 two page notice of intention to sue delivered to Ps Kayanja through Ps Arthur Nsamba, who for years has been his representative in this matter, the CR. Amanya lawyers disclose that the 6 invoices to Kayanja amount to $428,700 (over Shs1bn). They remind Kayanja how patient they have been waiting for endless promises ever made by his representative Arthur Nsamba.

“We engaged in discussions wherein your representative [Ps Arthur Nsamba] had requested for a waiver on some fees and in return, you would make payment in the schedule proposed. However, to our disappointment you have reneged on your commitment.

Our client [RRSAT] has suffered loss as a result of your breach of contract and lack of effective communication. This letter therefore serves to demand that you make a payment to our client of the full amount of $428,700 being the default payments of $22,380 as reflected by the invoices after the application of the initial deposit of $29,800 and $399,320 as the service fees for the remaining contractual balance,” the notice of intention to sue reads in part.

“Take notice that if you don’t heed to our demands within seven working days from the date of receipt of this notice, our client is ready to use all available means in Israel and Uganda to recover the debt at your own cost and embarrassment.”

The lawyer Amanya’s letter notifying Ps Kayanja of the impending legal action

Efforts to speak to Kayanja’s 2nd in command Ps Arthur Nsamba were futile. He was yet to be reachable on phone or reply our whatsapp messages by press time.  Sources revealed that city law firm Katende Sempebwa has previously been approached over this matter but despite representing Kayanja in other matters, they declined to be part of the negotiations to ensure Kayanja’s reputation isn’t eroded by being dragged to civil courts. When the lawyers turned their back on the matter, RRSAT’s lawyers concentrated on negotiating with Ps Arthur Nsamba who is fully mandated to represent Ps Kayanja but the talks haven’t yielded much hence warranting court action.

The same CR. Amanya law firm has also separately written to Kayanja about Spacecom Ltd, another Israelite firm’s claim totaling to $141,099. This too relates to satellite services his Channel 44 consumed. The lawyer’s notice shows that on 31/10/2012, Kayanja contracted Spacecom/Amos-5 channel to boost his TV reception in Israel by providing satellite services. The service supply agreement he signed required him to pay a monthly service fee of $5,800. Amos-5/Spacecom provided the contracted services up to 23rd July 2015 and halted protesting none payment by Kayanja. The lawyers will be asking court to compel Kayanja to pay a principal sum of $53,703; late payment interest fee of $42,966 and cancelation fees of $44,430.

The whole thing totals to $141,099. The lawyers say in their notice that Kayanja has frustrated them by not being an active communicator on this issue. That for the last 9 months his man Arthur Nsamba hasn’t been forthright in his communications. Before the lawyers came in, Spacecom/Amos-5’s Legal Counsel & Contracts Manager Noa Wellisch had months earlier written to Kayanja reminding him to pay up but his letters were ignored.

The Legal Counsel reminds Kayanja of the services like “uplink to a satellite of unencrypted signals” that his firm has been offering his Channel 44 only to go unpaid for years. The two page letter is copied Mr. Ido Mor who is the firm’s Vice President for Sales in the East African region. All this goes to prove what Kampalans have for long been hearing as whispers that Ps Kayanja’s Ministry and media businesses have lately not been doing very well financially.