Pan-African Parliament to Create Continental Police Force

Pan-African Parliament to Create Continental Police Force

The committee of human rights and justice of the Pan-African Parliament has presented a draft of the model act on policing on the continent.

The committee led by Ignatienne Nyirarukundo says the draft will support the national forces, and help promote and support the African Union.  The committee feels this Force will help harmonize issues of human rights

Lawmakers commended the idea but raised concerns about how member countries will work this out with their national police forces. Others noted that many of the national police forces are close to government and not impartial.

According to the draft model, which aims at providing Africa with a stand-by police force, the role of the head of the police, and its structures shall also have a time frame.

Proponents of the model also hold that the draft will support democratic laws and human rights.

The President of the Parliament stressed that this will be presented to the African Union for more scrutiny.