Nandala, Kato Lubwama Clash Over Committee Appointment

Nandala, Kato Lubwama Clash Over Committee Appointment

There was drama in the House last week when Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga designated former comedian turned politician as member on Committee of Human Rights.

Kadaga’s decision didn’t go down well with some Legislators, among them being FDC Secretary General, Nandala Mafabi who took to the floor to question the Speaker’s decision.

He put Kadaga to task to explain why She didn’t make Lubwama’s life easier by designating him on Committee of Gender and Culture, where the comedian is well versed.

Nandala argued that since Lubwama’s education background is Music Dance and Drama, his knowledge in the field will be more useful on that Committee other than Human Rights.

The Budadiri East’s question sent Legislators into laughter, with Kadaga defending her decision saying there is nothing bad about it.

However, Lubwama didn’t take Nandala’s question in good faith with those close to him revealing he is bitter for Nandala demeaning him.

Although he had snubbed the sitting that day, he has promised to make Nandala pay back for his sins.