Nambooze Goes On Rampage, Beats up MP James Kakooza over life presidency

Nambooze Goes On Rampage, Beats up MP James Kakooza over life presidency

As Opondo vows to spill Nsereko-M7 secrets

By Our Reporters

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has vowed to go down fighting to ensure the outgoing Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni bows out in 2021. And Nambooze has apparently started walking her talk insisting it’s not going to be business as usual.

The first to test the wrath of the militant legislator was fellow MP James Kakooza of Kabula County in Lyantonde district. On Thursday, the two appeared for Med Nsereko’s CBS Talk Show where MPs appear weekly to analyze the major events of the week.

Appearing with them were Kalungu’s Joseph Sewungu and Kampala Central’s Mohammed Nsereko. Up for discussion were the death of Sebaana Kizito and the proposed omnibus amendment of the Constitution that could see age limits (the only obstacle between Museveni and life presidency) scrapped in the Constitution.

Saying he had reached consensus with his Masaka Catholic Bishop JB Kaggwa, Sewungu said Ugandans in the Masaka area had vowed to thump any cleric that will dare market Museveni for re-election after 2021.

“We are agreed as greater Masaka residents that regardless of who you are, any religious leader who will fail to condemn this move will face the wrath of the congregation. That is the standard we are setting for the whole country and I have already sat with my Bishop [Kaggwa] and agreed on that,” Sewungu said adding that even non Christian groups like Muslims in Masaka had agreed on doing the same should any Imam dare tolerate leaders/MPs that support the life presidency.

“The religious leaders must pressurize MPs like James Kakooza here not to dare go anywhere in Greater Masaka marketing the scrapping of age limit in the Constitution and I want to advise my brother that things aren’t going to be easy for them. It’s the people who are going to make it risky for them and not us the minority opposition MPs in Parliament.” Sewungu’s message corroborated fellow MPs Moses Kasibante and Muwanga Kivumbi who the previous day had used the same CBS show to urge religious leaders to begin organizing farewell prayer events for Museveni.

Kasibante and Muwanga argued that is a good way through which the religious leaders can mount moral pressure making it hard for the man from Rwakitura to cling on beyond 2021. The two MPs, along with FDC Deputy SG Harod Kaija, vowed to spearhead fundraising efforts to ensure the prominent Churches and mosques organize these send off ceremonies for the outgoing President Yoweri Museveni.

Insisting she was implementing the standard the Masaka people, as represented by Sewungu have set, Nambooze said: “We must start from here and show leadership to millions of our people out there listening. There is no way I’m going to allow Kakooza to use this platform to market life presidency. Sewungu has said we beat up such people and I must start with this one whom God has presented to me. I’m beating him up publicly to show example to the rest of the listeners out there. Please let’s work together and ensure we suffocate these people early enough. When they lose a relative or have a wedding at their homes, please don’t go there. When they come to attend public functions please heckle them and make it risky for them to go anywhere.”

Kakooza’s pleas that in democracy, people give their views and listeners judge fell on deaf ears as Nambooze assured Med Nsereko: “It’s okay even if this becomes the last time I’m being invited on this show but I won’t betray people by allowing this man to promote life presidency. He is so shameless. He is among those who scrapped term limits in 2005 and as a result many people have lost lives because of the brutality of the Museveni dictatorship. I will not allow him talk and from today onwards please don’t invite me to programs to appear with such people.”

Med Nsereko’s pleas that Nambooze was obliged to behave with decoram as an MP and tolerate divergent views fell on deaf ears as the militant from Mukono vehemently banged tables saying he was ready for anything. Med Nsereko called for callers to give their views and many of them commended Nambooze for brutally taking on Kakooza.

Thinking Nambooze had given up, Med Nsereko invited Kakooza to carry on and Nambooze continued attacking him violently in the studio. The moderator played adverts and some songs and resumed the program but Nambooze was unrelenting prompting the moderator to end the program prematurely. Like Muwanga Kivumbi and Moses Kasibante of the previous day, Nambooze maintained even cultural leaders like those at Mengo must stand up to be counted as remaining vague or ambivalent is going to increasingly be risky for leaders in the coming weeks and months.

OPONDO vs NSEREKO: After the CBS debacle Mohammed Nsereko, who insists he has capacity to mobilize the 180 MPs required to block the proposal to scrap term limits, faced the wrath of the loud-mouthed government spokesman Ofwono Opondo who warned Ugandans to be carefully with the youthful MP whom he said was Museveni’s undercover agent.

“We know these games. You can make all the noise and even publicly vote no but when you have been facilitated to quietly mobilize for the President to ensure alteast 20 other MPs vote for what he wants,” Opondo told off Nsereko during the NBS’ Charles Odongtho’s Face off Program.

Nsereko reacted very angrily accusing Opondo of using blackmail tactics to frustrate his mobilization efforts.

“These are old tricks dictators use so that whoever you mobilize says first give me money because you were given a lot of it,” Nsereko answered to Opondo who maintained as an insider he knows what he was talking about.

Other panelists like Charles Rwomushana and Miria Matembe urged the President to let go other than clinging on, something that could prompt Ugandans to resort to armed resistance which Rwomushana insisted was the only option now.