Murdered German National: Police Arrest Two Suspects, Killer Gun Recovered

Murdered German National: Police Arrest Two Suspects, Killer Gun Recovered

By Stuart Yiga

Police have recovered a pistol that is suspected to have been used in the murder of a German national, Remus Manfred and also arrested two suspected killers including; Abdullah Luluge,25, and Hamidu Bogere.

While addressing a press conference at the Police headquarters in Naguru, the Police Spokes Person-Asan Kasingye disclosed that the two suspected killers are residents of Makenke village in Mpumudde Parish, Buikwe District.

Police adds that in the course of their investigations they got a tip off from a good Samaritan who had heard a bullet being shot near the house of the arrested suspected a day before the Manifred was gunned down.

“I think these culprits were testing their weapon (Pistol) when they released a bullet accidentally a day before they executed their deadly mission, actually we managed to get them basing on the intelligence we got from the people who heard the fired bullet,” Kasingye explained.

He adds that upon arresting the two culprits, their detectives interrogated them but only one is admitting to have pulled the trigger of the pistol when murdering the deceased.

“Our forensic experts are now making comparison between the cartridge that was recovered from the scene of crime and the  pistol that was recovered to see whether the two have anything in common that can help us as evidence,” Kasingye added.

He however said that they are remaining with just a few things to add to their available evidence before they arraign the suspects to Court.

Meanwhile, Kasingye revealed that they have also arrested two other suspects; Robert Niyibiizi and Eric Ntezimaana, in connection to the murder of Gatete Maniriho, 25, a resident of Ntwetwe in Kyankwanzi District.

“Besides, we have also arrested two of our officers including; Police Constables; Charles Ayepa and one Masekena over shooting to death a man identified as Emma Ayo, and injuring one Aaron and Derimon Abanga-at Awero Primary School in Akaro Sub County in Kole District resident,” he said.