Mulago Hospital to Stop Offering Free Medical Services

Mulago Hospital to Stop Offering Free Medical Services

The management of the Mulago National Referral Hospital has drafted a proposal to government to have patients pay for all the services when the government facility fully reopens its doors to the public later this year at the completion of its revamp and expansion.

The hospital’s executive director Dr. Baterana Byarugaba told the parliamentary health committee that patients will pay in three categories determined by the services offered.

The three categories are; platinum for those paying the highest amount, followed by gold and silver.

Dr. Byarugaba also explained that the money will be used to help provide quality services and pay the health workers competitive salaries and allowances.

“Let’s have patients contribute to the services which they are receiving, because these services are going to be super specialized so patients need to contribute,” Dr. Byarugaba said.

The proposals from Mulago hospital have aroused interest in parliament with most MPs supporting despite some expressing reservations about how they will be implemented.

The treatment of complicated diseases like kidney failure, cancer and other complicated procedures like heart operations for which many Ugandans have been seeking treatment abroad and spending thousands of dollars will be done at Mulago hospital.