MP Buys Beans Worth Shs10m To Save Locals From Dying Of Malnutrition

MP Buys Beans Worth Shs10m To Save Locals From Dying Of Malnutrition

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi 

Maracha: James Acidri, the Maracha East County MP in Maracha district has procured two tones of improved variety of beans worth shs10m to save his voters from dying of malnutrition resulting from the looming hunger in the district.

According to Acidri, the NAROBEAN1 seed variety which is rich in Iron for expectant mothers and Zinc for children was launched by President Yoweri Museveni during a recent trade show in Jinja district.

He said apart from nutritional value, the beans are expected to effectively fight the rampant cases of malnutrition especially among the people of Maracha East Constituency.

A total of 416 excited locals from 104 villages of Yivu and Tara Sub Counties turned up to receive the beans as pioneers farmers at Acidri’s home in Olopari village, Yivu Sub County in Maracha district on Wednesday.

Acidri said the initial supply of the seeds is meant to multiply the variety so as to save the rest of the population in the constituency from dying of malnutrition.

“Generally, malnutrition is a big concern in Maracha district. This is due to failure of access to the right quantity and quality of food in homes, the recent dry spell and bad weather pattern in the district,” Acidri said on phone.

“And for that reason, this intervention is purely meant to fight malnutrition and address the problem of food insecurity in my Constituency,” Acidri added.

Acidri, however, warned the farmers, who benefited from the donation against selling and deliberate consumption of the seeds, an act he said will deny others the opportunity of accessing the beans to equally fight cases of malnutrition in Maracha East.

At least four farmers from each village benefited from the offer with a pledge to put the beans in good use.

Irene Badaru, a mother of five and a resident of Ambidro village, Aroi Parish in Yivu Sub County, who fell short of bean seeds this season, commended Acidri for the offer, and promised to plant and multiply the
first ever NAROBEAN1 seed variety at all cost.

Besides the improved NAROBEAN1 beans, Acidri had earlier on supplied bags of Cassava stalks, Potato vines, Tomato, Onion and maize seedling to different farmers in Maracha East Constituency in an effort to fight hunger and malnutrition in the County