Medics Netted with Gov’t Drugs

Medics Netted with Gov’t Drugs

By Milton Emmy Akwam

AGAGO: ALLIED Health Professional’s Council Uganda (AHPC-U) together with police and district health officials have arrested seven medical practitioners who have been operating illegally whilst found selling government labeled drugs.

The two day crackdown conducted in Patongo and Kalongo Town Councils in Agago district was commanded by Nyamutale Peter, the deputy registrar at AHPC-U and regional supervisor Banya Anthony, among other district health officials.

Some of the clinics and drugs shops inspected and shut were selling class D drugs, contrary to recommended class of C.

Other issues were that most of them were operating illegally, without basic medical qualification or annual practicing license, among others.

That was witnessed at Jesus Cares Medical Centre owned by now under police custody, Ojok Moses whom district health bosses named as a quack doctor, after his academic documents were found forged besides lying he had all the licenses from the awarding council.

Odur Julu Ceaser, the owner of Trust Medicare in Kalongo Town Council also a civil servant in Pader district was found with government drugs.

Asked why he was keeping government labeled Absorbent Gauge Rolls and Coartem in his private drug shop, Julu said they were brought by a neighbor.

On seeing police officers approaching him, Odur and his wife confessed and asked for pardon and vowed never to repeat.

“Now I know I’m in problem. I won’t sell government drugs again,” he said as they were whisked to the waiting van.

His woes exploded higher when he picked a shs50, 000 note, offering it to the officers on duty (inspection) saying ‘this is for you, please accept it.’

Agness Akullo of Blessed Community Drugs Shop in Kalongo was also netted for having no qualification as a nurse, a claim she refuted claiming she was a nursing assistant.

Nyamutale Peter says all those arrested would be handled by the arms of the Law. He however, expressed concern over magistrates and police saying they always set the suspect free even when they have provided enough evidence.

“As Allied Health Professional Council, we have done our mandates. We leave it now to Police and Courts,” he said.

Other drugs hops closed and medics arrested were; Savanah Medical Services, Honest Drugs shop, among others.