M7 Minister, Galabuzi Survives Being Kicked Out Of Parliament

M7 Minister, Galabuzi Survives Being Kicked Out Of Parliament

One member in President Yoweri Museveni’s beehive of cabinet survived being kicked out of Parliament, after he was mistaken for a stranger in the House.

Hell broke loose when the cantankerous Franca Akello, Agago Woman MP took to the floor, calling Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi, State Minister for Luweero Triangle who also doubles as Busiro North MP for invading Parliament without the authorization of the Speaker.

“Our rules don’t allow strangers in the chambers of Parliament. I see a stranger sitting between Ephraim Kamuntu and Haruna Kasolo. It is the first time I am seeing him. Is he in order to sit within the chambers?” Akello asked, sending MPs into laughter.

As one of the MPs who uses his mouth for only kissing and eating, instead of using his mouth for legislation, Akello’s question took Galabuzi by surprise, who quickly flashed a fake smile and followed it by putting up his hand, for Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to see where he was seated.

Kadaga moved swiftly to save the disgraced Minister further embarrassment, by calling on Akello to rest easy, revealing that the ‘stranger’ was indeed a member of cabinet.