M7 File on Finance Ministry Thieves Stolen

M7 File on Finance Ministry Thieves Stolen

 As President Plots Arrest of 4 other technocrats

By Our Reporters

President Museveni’s personal efforts to identify and annihilate the corrupt technocrats at the Finance Ministry suffered a major setback a few days ago when his confidential file was stolen and went missing from his office in Entebbe State House.

Reliable sources reveal that before ordering IGP Gen Kayihura to undertake an operation to raid the Finance Ministry and arrest two bribe-taking officials (Geoffrey Turyamuhika & Charles Ogol) two weeks back, Museveni had gathered lots of information on at least 6 top technocrats. He had even created a file containing all the grievances different investors have on each of them.

However, he opted to start with the above two most junior officials hoping they would be squeezed during interrogation to disclose more information about their bribe-taking superiors in the same ministry. It’s revealed that during interrogation by Police operatives, Turyamuhika and Ogol have revealed a lot of information implicating their 4 superiors. The police operatives have, through Gen Kayihura, been sharing these developments with Museveni.

The president in return had created a file and has daily been updating it with latest revelations about the 4 other more senior finance technocrats who are yet to be arrested. The 4 technocrats are said to be patronized by one of the many political leaders at Finance (names withheld) who will be arrested with them in a few weeks time.

“These technocrats have spies in the Mzee’s office in Entebbe and remunerate them with fat monthly retainers just to be on the lookout regarding what Mzee gets about them. Because the technocrats pay good money, Mzee’s staffers are always competing to be the one to leak the information first to the technocrats whose approach is first come first serve. Whoever brings information first gets the best pay. This is how Mzee’s file went missing on these technocrats,” said a reliable source adding that the technocrats’ godfather, an influential political leader at finance, funded much of the operation to steal Mzee’s file.

A furious Museveni has vowed to knife some of his office staff should his confidential file remain missing. Sources say the stolen file partly explains why the operation to arrest the 4 technocrats plus their political godfather has delayed because the big man wants possession of his confidential file before swinging in action lest Kayihura’s boys connive to let some of the technocrats off the hook claiming inadequate evidence against them.

We are told the four technocrats have even been clearing their desks and office clandestinely carrying home some of their personal belongings very much aware of the impending arrest by police on Museveni’s prompting. It’s further revealed the arrest of Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki has further demonstrated Museveni is very serious this time round which is why the patronizing godfather (the political leader) at Finance Ministry is very scared of the impending arrest which will be inevitable after Museveni came out on Thursday and assured the country many more Ministers would soon be arrested. He was addressing reporters in Mayuge after his farming tour there. It’s also revealed that most of the information Museveni has been getting on bribe-taking finance ministry officials has come from groups like Private Sector Foundation Uganda of Gideon Bagadawa whose members have suffered the wrath of these criminal curtails sometimes justified by an equally soiled veteran journalist who has been urging Museveni to legalize bribe solicitation with a view of levying tax on it.

The other credible group through which Museveni has been getting great information regarding bribe seeking ministers is UMA headed by Amos Nzeyi. These two groups, sources say, have closely been working with their line minister, the much undermined Amelia Kyambadde to compile information on the corrupt cartel at Finance which specializes in frustrating investors in order to get them pay.

“This partly explains why Amelia has been the most hated minister by guys at Finance Ministry because she has always opposed their dubious ways,” said reliable sources. “She has been getting direct reports from victims of this bribe solicitation but because the President knew her wars with Finance, she opted to report through UMA and PSFU as Mzee would take their reports as neutral and unbiased.”

Sources say Kyambadde, who has been out alone battling the corrupt cartel at finance, is lately very happy the whip is finally being cracked. In quietly resenting this vice, Amelia has been closely working with some disgruntled political leaders at Finance who for long have been sidelined by the status quo at the all powerful ministry.

We are told some of the troubled technocrats, who had almost become small gods at Finance, have lately been engaging in deep prayer and fasting while frequently calling a top city pastor at their homes to pray for them to survive by way of divine intervention. Some have been trying witch doctors trying to bewitch the man from Rwakitura into forgetting and eventually forgiving their mischief, a thing that appears unlikely because of the way the Hakuna Mchezo slogan is taking firm root in Museveni’s government.


Meanwhile on the day Kabafunzaki was nabbed at Serena hotel, two Museveni State House aides went and ate their chicken. The story goes as follows: whereas Kabafunzaki’s thing exploded at about 3pm, the two State House aides were to seal their deal at 6pm. One was a mere secretary and the other works with investment desk. They had come to jointly pick money from Chinese investors and arrived at 1pm and sat in one of the bars to wait. As they sat waiting and reading newspapers, one of them checked on facebook and whatsapp platforms only to see news everywhere how Kabafunzaki, whose presence they were unaware of, had been arrested at the other end of the hotel. The two got premonition and became very terrified. They moved up and down before beginning quarrelling amongst themselves regarding what to do. In the end, they fled the hotel and even switched off their phones. Sources say the Chinese investors, who had been in touch with Museveni to plan this 6pm set up, started ringing when time came but the two aides weren’t picking.

One of them told investors “I’m at church. I have just got born again and denounced my evil past. Please don’t call me again. I’m not interested in those things. I will report you to police if you don’t stop calling on my phone.”


In a related development, Museveni has further walked the talk on corruption by signaling his political strategist Moses Byaruhanga to take the fight in local governments’ upcountry where deep rooted corruption is also rampant and sophisticated. Byaruhanga’s team, commanded by Godfrey Longah who heads the State House youth desk, has started with Busoga region pitching camp in Iganga district whose leaders wave been misappropriating hundreds of millions meant for Youth Livelihood Program.

It all started with a raid on Byaruhanga’s office in Nakasero by a group of NRM youth leaders from Iganga. They reported to Byaruhanga how district and municipality leaders were getting a kick back of Shs3m from each group that gets YLP cash. Those who refused to give them would be blocked from accessing the money.

The district leaders recommend the group as unfit and ill-prepared for the YLP cash. Some would openly encourage the youths to eat the money and plan to silence Museveni by beginning early to advocate for his 6th term and lifting of age limits.

“This [3m kickback] was unfair because the youths are supposed to repay this money as groups and once you take off Shs3m from 10m, you will have crippled them from repayment,” says Longah. Other local government leaders had connived with some youth groups’ leaders to create ghost YLP groups to which money has been advanced and later shared.

They would then write reports duping Bigirimana in Kampala that all members of this or that group died or vanished so there is no way money can be recovered. Longah’s group returned to Kampala and reported all this to Byaruhanga who in vain tried to liaise with Gender ministry to resolve the problem. He subsequently wrote to CIID Director Grace Akullo urging her to deploy operatives to undertake more professional investigations and in their reports, the CIIDs corroborated many of the things Longah had reported earlier.

So on Thursday the President okayed action and 15 top Iganga district officials were arrested and carried to Kibuli CIID headquarters where they were detained the whole day. Later in the night they were released on police bond and Longah vows that many more local government leaders are going to be arrested because investigations are done and sudden unexpected mass arrests will commence soon.