Leaders Condemn MP’s Denial of Dead Hubby

Leaders Condemn MP’s Denial of Dead Hubby

By Milton Emmy Akwam

LIRA: Judith Alyek, the Kole District Woman MP has been strongly condemned by a section of leaders for denying any prior relationship with her late hubby.

The Lawmaker’s hubby, late Ambrose Eger who was a former lecturer at Gulu University passed-on on the 8th April, 2017. He was laid to rest on 15th April, 2017 in Alebtong district.

However, what shocked residents after Eger’s death, Hon Alyek denied having ever been in marriage with him, something that left local leaders disgruntled with her.

The fallen Gulu University Lecturer Ambrose Eger

Dr. Richard Nam, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation says the action taken by the Lawmaker was a ‘shame’ to her constituents and Lango region.

“Whereas they had affairs and split, it was very wrong for the honourable MP to disown her husband with whom they have children,” Nam said on phone Wednesday morning.

He says for deceased children to live without suspicion, as adult, they must advocate for a DNA test to ascertain if the late was indeed their father.

On the big role she possess as an MP, Nam says: “Sometimes you have to bow down irrespective of your position.”

Eger, according to clan elders of Inomo had a long relationship with the female lawmaker, producing two children in their heydays in marriage.

Bosco Acanadiro popularly known as Bosco Olulung who’s one of the clan heads of Inomo where the MP was married said during the burial last week that the two were husband and wife who lived for quite ‘many years’.

Currently, the MP is in love affairs with a one Richard Odongo who is yet to pour live bullets into her reproductive organ. Odongo’s profession is still unknown.

Meanwhile, one of the youth who campaigned for the MP and voted  her in February 2016 election says the legislator has touched what he termed as a ‘wrong button’.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he says Alyek has ashamed her constituents including mothers and children, thus not fit to be a leader.

Meanwhile, the clan elders of Inomo are planning to summon their ‘daughter in-law’ for her steps and public denouncement that Eger was never her husband.