Lango Man Exposes Rot In Uganda Medical Sector: As Ocom Story Exposes M7 Gov’t

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“Dear President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, this is to inform you that the young boy your convoy knocked down from Oyam District last week on Monday while you were driving back to Kampala from burying the late Wacha Olwol died from a severe head damage and now another, Kennedy Ocom is dead after a successful operation with 5 others today and those were people who loved you, cheered you and always voted for you with so much hope.

I want to sincerely and overwhelming thank God for the following doctors in the Mulago Hospital Neurology department. You did your best. Now I understand you more.

Dr Muhumuza – the head of Neurology department, I salute you. I am not grieved by Ocom’s death, I am celebrating your commitment to try and always save a life with very little resources. Sitting in your office this morning and meeting you to explicitly discuss Ocom’s condition to the endless phone calls to try and find a solution was for me the climax.

Dr Mukasa

Dr Kiryabwire and

Dr Ssenyonjo Hussein, who led both surgical operation of Ocom, you’re special. God will pay you. Today, I feel I got a masters degree in Mulago Hospital.

Today, they’ve lost 6 people as a result of no adequate ICU and the 3 dead bodies are still lying in the same ward. I know this night many will die and there is just nothing medical practitioners can do other than to tell the relatives to pray for another day.

Mr President, our beloved country Uganda does have CT Scan machines in all of our Regional Referral Hospitals including the whole National Hospital of Uganda.

Mr President, the whole of Northern Uganda does not have even one CT Scan machine and so, as a result, that boy your convoy knocked down was brought to Kampala for a brain surgery in Mulago Hospital which doesn’t have most of the vital surgical equipments.

This evening at 6:45 pm we have witnessed Ocom Kennedy and another patient painfully die because the ICU in Mulago, the only one allocated to this unit has only 10 beds and all was full.

Mr President, there is a huge disconnect between what you’re told and what you see when you visit Mulago Hospital to what is actually in the hospital.

Mr President, we endured painfully almost 22 years of Joseph Kony war, which many people in your government profited from.

One CT Scan, 16 slides cost between 1.5 billion to 2 billion. Today, I visited the suppliers, Siemens and confirmed this cost.

Today, I witnessed 6 people die because of lack of ICU and oxygen cylinders.

Where is our priority, Mr President?

Mr President, why are you so detached with the simple reality of life that you are lied to in broad daylight?

After Kennedy Ocom’s death, I took time off to go to ICU to pray for my from Volleyball Uganda Jimmy Mugume who was so lucky to get one of the only 10 beds in the ICU. I witnessed Dr Ssenyonjo Hussein, who also operated him give instructions for his care and explain his progress. He gave very firm instructions concerning his hygiene to mitigate any risk of bacterial infection.

Mugume, my friend, may God in heaven see you through.

Dr Ssenyonjo Hussein, hats off for you. You’ve completely changed my perspectives about medical people in Mulago Hospital together with your colleagues.”

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