Kutesa, Anifa Kawooya Fallout Over MP Seat 

Kutesa, Anifa Kawooya Fallout Over MP Seat

By Our Reporters

This is strange but true. Sembabule woman MP Anifa Kawooya has fallen out with her political godfather Sam Kutesa.

The fallout has something to do with wide spread suspicion that Kutesa’s Rwandese wife may be having an interest in Kawooya’s MP seat come 2021. Kutesa’s wife has lately been playing growing influence in especially the couple’s Mbabule FM which is the most influential media house in the district.

Mrs. Kutesa raised eyebrows during the 2016 campaigns where she restricted Kawooya’s access and use of Mbabule FM while allowing Kabatsi unfeted access to the same.

Sources say that, referring to JPAM, she one time warned Kutesa against trusting Bakiga arguing that if JPAM could do such a thing to Museveni, then its possible Kawooya would politically betray Kutesa someday.

Kawooya unsuccessfully tried to get Kutesa to prevail on his spouse and when that failed she allied with Lwemiyaga big man Theodore Sekikubo who shunned Kabatsi and actively backed her.

Kawooya also addressed a rally and vowed to spill hidden dirty secrets if Sam Kutesa didn’t rein in his spouse. It was then that Kutesa called her and put some good cash in her campaign. Even after elections, some uneasy calm remained between them.

Kawooya’s long absence in PAP where she represents Uganda has only given room for more speculation. In her absence, supporters desiring for some facilitation started lying her how Mrs. Kutesa is ever busy mobilizing for 2021.

Her efforts to reach Kutesa to verify this rumor have been futile most of the time. Kawooya has lately gone on rampage openly attacking Kutesa dismissing him as a user who hasn’t done much for Sembabule.

She recently gave out ambulances and addressed supporters thus: “at least I have given you this but what has Kutesa ever given you apart from the little monies he throws at you during campaign time?”

It’s further said that Kawooya wondered whether Kutesa has Sembabule at heart. She urged voters to shun Mrs. Kutesa on grounds she is a foreigner in Sembabule. It’s also said closely working with Sekikubo, Kawooya recently bought a house in Ntuusi town with a view of relocating to stand as pioneer Lwemiyaga district woman MP in 2021.

The duo has a plan to blackmail Museveni to elevate Lwemiyaga to a district. The other alternative in case Mrs. Kutesa runs is to relocate to Mawogola South and unseat Joseph Sekabito come 2021.

Having failed to get Kutesa, we spoke to his PA David Kabanda who is also NRM Sembabule district chairman who bashed Kawooya while defending Mrs. Kutesa’s right to run as area woman MP.

“She should know her size because Kutesa’s shoes are way too big for her. In Runyankore we say erikwenda kufa erigatsa empango which means a bull that will soon die acts recklessly. The Banyankore also say ameino gariire ente yaawe tigakuheyaawe which means she can’t ask what SK has done when she herself is a testimony of his great works. He mentored her from scratch to what she is today and her being MP is what of his numerous achievements. Let her not ask people again what SK has done for Sembabule,” Kabanda said.

He added that in the 2016 polls he was among those SK diehards who rejected Kawooya and backed Kabatsi.

“My boss SK almost fired me. He was unhappy why I was for Kabatsi and not Kawooya. I felt she wasn’t popular and yet Kabatsi was a people’s person. To me Kawooya was not electable. She only survived on SK’s money but I’m now happy I have been vindicated,” Kabanda concluded.

He said Kawooya has no moral authority over where Mrs. Kutesa comes from because even herself isn’t born in Sembabule.

She just fluked the district politics from Masaka district where she served as councilor.