Kigongo Warns NRM On Fake Cards

Kigongo Warns NRM On Fake Cards

By Henry Mulindwa

NRM National Vice Chairman Moses Kigongo has warned a splinter NRM Diaspora group against using his name in printing fake NRM membership cards purportedly for Diaspora members.

This follows media reports last week in which a group of members claiming to belong to the Diaspora addressed the press in Kampala and claimed that Kigongo is aware of their group to which he is also their patron despite the fact that the party has a fully-fledged NRM Diaspora league led by Hajji Abbey Walusimbi.

However, according to well-placed sources close to Kigongo, the Hajji has even vowed to arrest the group because he has never sanctioned their activities.

“I challenge anyone in that group to publish a written letter from me authorizing them to breach the NRM constitution and the party’s standing orders. That group should stop fooling our members because if they don’t, they will be arrested and prosecuted” a top source close to Kigongo told us quoting him.

However, when we contacted him on phone, Kigongo whose mobile network wasn’t clear said he would speak to us when he comes to town; something he hadn’t done by press time.

“I am very far. My network is bad. I will talk you when I come to town” he said on phone.

Our sources told us that whereas it is true Kigongo sometime back met this group, he advised them that in case the Diaspora league got any challenges or issues they want amended in the party’s constitution, they should channel their information to the Secretary General.

“This is what I advised those people. Now what they are doing, I am totally not aware about it and it is illegal. Those divisions they are making in the Diaspora league serve no purpose apart from weakening the league and the party as a whole. They should stop using my name” he allegedly fumed.

Meanwhile, NRM Diaspora league publicity secretary Adam Kasambula, disputed reports that the NRM Diaspora league has broken up. He said the league is still intact under their chairman Walusimbi although some individuals are trying to create divisions.

“I think we have to lecture some people that difference of opinions as leaders is not necessarily meaning a break up. No! We as leaders of the National League of the NRM in the Diaspora, led by Ndugu Abbey Walusimbi never broke up. We just had a split of opinion on how to run the business of the League. It’s normal. We are not angels who do not err. In every organization members give in different opinions
consistent to the laws and constitution, without defiance, for the good of such organizations” he said.

He said despite the earlier differences in opinion, the leaders dialogued and agreed to move on as a group not factions.

“Our National Diaspora Committee led Walusimbi is steering our desires very well. It is therefore disheartening that some of our members want to deviate from our core values and want to involve our league into illegalities. We have achieved a lot under Walusimbi. It is important to understand that the problems which have haunted the Diaspora are from its uniqueness. The Diaspora is both a unique and attractive constituency.  That combination therefore makes it a sensitive area” he said.

He noted that traditionally, the Diaspora is known to be a safe heaven for both political asylum seekers and the newly found economic immigrants known as kyeyo people but this has now changed with time.

“Therefore when someone talks about streamlining the Diaspora that’s the first thing one has to have in his mind. It’s very true that today most of those masquerading as Diasporas are just “thieves” looking for
sanctuaries” he said.

Kasambula lectured that the Diaspora is composed of different categories of people doing different things. In Uganda for example, there are have both the “legal/straight and underground/illegal”
migrants all in this regard called Ugandans in the Diaspora.

“This is where a Diaspora Road Map to define who is and not a Diaspora becomes a vital need. And when it comes to establishing an organ of a political party in such environment, the challenge becomes double sensitive. Therefore anyone who goes out saying that the NRM is selling cards to its members in the Diaspora is total madness. Making it even more incriminating is to use the names of NRM’s top most elder and senior executive Hajji Moses Kigongo to be part of this racket! This is an insult to him” he added.

He said that even within the Diaspora there are ‘criminals’ and therefore the party needs to beware of this.

“NRM Diaspora should not be used as a safe heaven for criminals. How would someone with an NRM Diaspora office at Bwaise call a Press conference defending illegalities and irregularities and claim to be talking on behalf of Kasambula’s NRM Scandinavian Chapter? Those people need to be investigated” he said.

Last week, a group led which comprised of Serwadda, Yesigye Godius and Kamalu among others addressed the press and claimed that Hajji Kigongo had sanctioned their sell of ‘illegal’ party cards to Diaspora members, a thing the party came out to dispute and warned the group.