Kato Lubwama Turns Pal Into Houseboy

Kato Lubwama Turns Pal Into Houseboy

Sitting near Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama is like sitting near an emotional soccer fan who slaps and kicks his neighbours each time his team attempts to score a goal.

That is what a colleague suffered from when he sat near the comedian turned politician during Judith Babirye’s charity concert on Friday at Serena Hotel.

                        The comedian turned politician turned his pal into a couch

Kato Lubwama turned his fella into sort of a shamba boy as he spent the entire evening putting his weight on the poor MP’s shoulder. Lubwama had her arms all over his pal like he was leaning on his couch at home.

At the same point, Lubwama would spank him on the back each time he saw some hilarious moments on stage. Poor man must have cursed why he decided to sit near Lubwama.