Katikkiro Mayiga Warns Museveni On Age Limit; Urges Him To Quit In 2021

Katikkiro Mayiga Warns Museveni On Age Limit; Urges Him To Quit In 2021

Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has added his voice to that of wise old man John Nagenda in urging President Museveni to amicably quit in 2021 when his Constitutional mandate as President expires.

Appearing on Med Nsereko’s Kiriza oba gana CBS radio program Wednesday evening, Mayiga castigated sycophants like MPs Simeo Nsubuga, Ibrahim Abiriga and much hated Beti Kamya for insisting to market life presidency even when Museveni has clearly stated he won’t be ruling beyond 75 years on account of diminished vigor and swag.

“Abo bakajjanja bujanja [those are opportunists]. The President himself spoke in no uncertain terms during an interview with journalist Patrick Kamara that he will be quitting at 75. Then who are those people saying that the age limit must be scrapped? What is wrong with them? Are they telling us they love Museveni more than he loves himself? Do they know what is good and right for him than he knows himself? The constitution is very clear on that and my view is that it should be left the way it is. It shouldn’t be changed to suit an individual,” Mayiga said.

He likened sycophants like Simeo Nsubuga and Abiriga [he didn’t mention them though] to a bride’s maid who cries more than the bride herself stressing that in Luganda that is called “akajanja [opportunism].”

His comments came hours after Sr Presidential Advisor John Nagenda had spoken on a national TV station insisting Museveni must go after his current term.

Just like Mayiga, Nagenda castigated sycophants like Beti Kamya, Simeo Nsubuga and Ibrahim Abiriga who are desperate to be seen to be the architects of the scrapping of Article 102(b) which restricts the President to a maximum of 75 years of age.

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  1. Spot on Katikkiro, at 75, one is too old to lead even his home well, even now, we see he is too old, actually if it was me, I would even STEP down for some one else to finish this kisanja!

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