I must be a wonderful dictator – M7

Ugandans have been sharing a recent interview President Yoweri Museveni gave to Al Jazeera in which he discussed a range of issues.

In it he defended his three-decade stay in office dismissing those calling him a dictator, saying that he must be a “wonderful dictator” having been voted into office five times.

This was after the Al Jazeera journalist asked him that how does he guarantee that he will not be remembered as a dictator instead of a democratic president?

He discussed the jailing of activist Stella Nyanzi, who is being held in custody for calling him “a pair of buttocks”, saying she had no right to abuse others:

If you are an activist and you commit an offence, because with human rights you must also speak of the rights of others, you cannot trample on the rights of others, and you say “it is my right to abuse other people”, to insult other people … no. Rights go with responsibilities – if you know anything about democracy.”

He refused to be drawn to discussing last year’s fighting in the western region of Kasese, where security forces clashed with guards of a local king, leaving dozens killed and many arrested, saying that it was a matter to be determined in court:

That issue is in court and according to our law, when something is in court I am not allowed to comment. The court will tell us whether those people were arrested for nothing or not.”

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