FUFA Delegate Arrested Over Embezzlement

FUFA Delegate Arrested Over Embezzlement

By Emmanuel Sekago

Police in Lira have arrested the Uganda Football Federation delegate also the Vice president of northern region football association, Walter Okello for allegedly embezzling 20millions meant for women and youth development in the region.

Okello is also accused of abuse of office and Creation of ghost clubs in the 4th Division during the campaigns.

The President of Northern Region Football Association, Mokiri Kyaligonza is reportedly on the run after learning that he is also needed at the Police as per arrest warrant from Lira Police station.

The Chairman of the Northern Footballers Association, Dan Obote brought the attention of police to investigate the case on 17th May, 2017; file number L/GEF22/2017. After successful investigations, the arrest of the duo was put into consideration thus arresting Okello as they still hunt for Obote.

Talking to Pepper sport, Dan Obote a former U20 Cranes, Sc Villa, and Akol FC player said that the Northern Association submitted their financial year 2016/17 budget of 25 million to the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), but FUFA deposited 20 millions only.

He says these monies were wired during the Federation elections campaigns and the duo withdrew the cash and put it in their personal businesses.

Obote also contends that Okello being the General Secretary of Northern abused his office by creating ghost clubs yet in the said season there was no any football activity taking place.

Police in Lira is on search for Mokiri and the two will be presented to High court next week on Monday to answer the charges against them.