Former Employee Drags Mercy Corps Uganda To Court Over Inhumane Treatment

Former Employee Drags Mercy Corps Uganda To Court Over Inhumane Treatment

By Milton Emmy Akwam

LIRA: A former staff of Mercy Corps Uganda has sued the organisation for violation of her right and breach of contract.

Felina Lodia Vicky dragged her former employer to Soroti High Court under Civil Suit No. 17 of 2017, seeking for millions in compensation in various forms of damages she got while on duty.

In July 2015, she tendered her resignation letter to the bosses, but was turned down on no clear reasons. She continued working up to August of the same year.

However, while on duty, she got a motorbike accident in which she suffered a knee injury and permanent incapacity that was accessed by medical experts.

After advice from her doctors to quit work, paving way for quick recovery, Mercy Corps according to the Plaintiff’s Lawyer continued using her credentials and other particulars to solicit for funding or donation from donors.

To that effect, a letter which this website has looked at was served to Mercy Corps warning the organisation of further using its client’s documents for monetary gains.

Through her Lawyer, Oyugi Onono of Oyugi Onono & Co. Advocates in Lira town, the plaint read thus: “The defendant is a Non-Governmental organisation working in Uganda capable of suing and being sued and the plaintiff’s advocates under take to effect service of Court process upon the defendant.”

“The plaintiff brings this suit against the defendant seeking for special damages of Shs 123,409,440 (One hundred twenty three million four hundred and nineteen thousand four hundred and forty shillings only) being compensation arising out of an accident that accrued during the course of employment, severance allowance, General Damages, Exemplary Damages and cost of the Suit thereon for nonpayment for the amount owed.” the plaint further read.

Working as a Program Officer until 5th of August, 2015, the plaintiff got a motorbike accident within the Course of her employment that greatly incapacitated her and she shortly resigned because she was unable to work following advice from her doctors.

Speaking to this website on Wednesday, a senior staff at Mercy Corps in Kampala who preferred anonymity confirmed receipt of the Suit by former staff’s Lawyers.

He, however refused commenting much on the matter saying organisation Lawyers whom he said were very busy would answer our questions.