FINCA Boss’ Marriage Collapses

FINCA Boss’ Marriage Collapses

The marriage of Simon Ahimbisibwe, a top marketing guru with a financial institution, FINCA Uganda Limited has collapsed.

Ahimbisibwe who is head of Marketing at FINCA Uganda has been married to a young successful businesswoman identified as Caroline Ahimbisibwe Nuwahabwa and the two have two kids together.

Whereas all was fine, things started to fall apart when sexy Carol entered into lucrative businesses where she was doing business with top government agencies.

Like they say, ‘money is the root cause of evil’, when Carol started minting lots of money from her business partnership, her attitude towards her man and marriage started to change. It is upon this ground that Ahimbisibwe and Carol started developing rampant misunderstandings as each of them accused the other of engaging into extra-marital affairs.

All fell loose in 2012, when Ahimbisibwe decided to call it quits and separated with Carol who has since then remained running her businesses. Carol has been so close to top government officials with whom she has been doing business.
Among them include; Electoral Commission’s Sam Rwakoojo, NRM deputy secretary general Richard Todwong and Maj Gen James Mugira among others. Currently, her company was contracted to clear Kisozi farm under NEC.

This information comes at a time when Ahimbisibwe took a walk of shame when he reportedly posted a nasty photo on Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) WhatsApp group.

The photo has been the talk on social media with the PR fraternity burying their heads in shame.

Considering that Ahimbisibwe has separated with his wife, there is a possibility that he was sending the photo to a mystery babe but accidentally sent it on PRAU WhatsApp forum.

When Carol was contacted for a comment on why her marriage with Ahimbisibwe collapsed, she declined to indulge into the details.

Ahimbisibwe has 12 years of banking experience mainly in the areas of Marketing, Corporate communications, Brand management, Customer service, Product development and Strategy. Although his initial contact with the corporate world was in the Print Media where he worked as a Sales Executive, Ahimbisibwe’s career later changed to banking.

In 2004, he joined the former Nile Bank as a Banking Officer and soon became the Brand Manager and Product Champion in charge of Western Union Money Transfer services managing over 100 locations including sub-agent partners. He later joined Barclays Bank of Uganda as the Brand Manager before moving on to Global Trust Bank where he worked as the Head of Strategy and Products while at the same time assisting in the Corporate Communications Department.