‘FAKE NRM CARDS’ SAGA BITES! Massive Resignations Rock NRM Diaspora Splinter Outfit!

‘FAKE NRM CARDS’ SAGA BITES! Massive Resignations Rock NRM Diaspora Splinter Outfit!

By Henry Mulindwa 

Massive Resignations have rocked a splinter group of NRM Diaspora league, with fresh information indicating that its top leaders led by Eng. Adam Kasambula have resigned. Others to follow suit include Edris Kironde and Yusuf Musoke.

The NRM diaspora league led by Haji Abbey Walusimbi has been involved in power squabbles which saw a splinter group allegedly led by Patrick Asiimwe emerging.

Edriss Ssentongo Kironde

The Asiimwe group has since last week been in the news and is currently under-fire by the party and state house over its decision to issue out membership cards without clearance from the secretariat. The NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba issued a statement last week warning members in the Diaspora against associating with this group reffering to it as ‘self-seekers’. The party has since launched investigations into those behind this move and their motive and so; is state house.

We have now learnt that following the intervention and warning from state house and NRM SG, the splinter group which has been recruiting members through alleged sale of ‘illegal NRM cards’ has disintegrated with three of its top leaders resigning their roles in the pressure group.

Information from UK indicates that the Vice Chairman of NRM Scandinavia Region Engineer Adam Kasambula resigned his position in this pressure group and urged Ugandans not to listen to what he called the thugs but follow the statement of the NRM Secretariat.

Edris Ssentongo Kironde of USA followed suit and also resigned as Asiimwe’s pressure group’s Overall Vice Chairman. Another member to resign in a space of three days was Yusuf Musoke of UK.

                           Yusuf Musoke – President Uganda Diaspora Patriotic Assembly

“We want to tell Asiimwe, Kimuli and Titus Kirabo to stop using our names as members of their pressure group” the trio in their resignation statements before Red Pepper stated.



It has not been an easy decision; I have labored with it for quite some time and with hope that course of direction might change.
The task we have ahead is to reorganize ourselves, build bridges and not burning them down and to streamline the NRM Diaspora – creating the difference we always talked about. I am not giving up on this mission; however, by virtue of this note, I humbly hereby relinquish my interim assigned role as overall coordinator in this [splinter] group.
Of course healthy disagreements will always be welcome but how we disagree matters a lot.
My point of departure was the [issuance of fake NRM] ID and with scanty explanation.
I have made my position clear on the collection of money and distribution of IDs dubbed as the identification of NRM Diaspora and gave my reasons.
I had a longer version but saw that it may further create disunity hence the watered down version.
Myself and with willing other cadres, will continuously seek a stronger coherent NRM Diaspora League.  We cannot effectively tackle our political adversaries standing in divided House- and I am in no position anymore to defend this interim in its current format and stance.
Until we get a general consensus from our cadres and a nod of approval from the ruling organs of NRM, I cease to be a member of this group.


This shoddy group selling party cards is wrong and inconsistent with the NRM national constitution.    Much as the Diaspora doesn’t have an independent constitution of its own but affiliated to the Parent national party, how can its membership be based on pecuniary promises of privileged bank loans guaranteed by the NRM Kampala? How can this be the incentive for widening its membership in the Diaspora? This is wrong and selfish. The past and present lawful practice has been registration of current members in the Yellow books supplied by the NRM Secretariat. Therefore the so called NRM cards of the London group are fraudulent with ulterior motives and with potential to disorganize the Namboole National conference as the   party would be faced with two competing membership bases all with NRM membership cards to vote and contest any position including that of Chairman and Presidential Flag bearer. I submit that this is a scaring prospect and at worst a creeping Coup waiting to happen in Namboole.

We have people who are singing elections in the Diaspora with a hidden agenda. These people are confusing our Diaspora communities with false and fictitious impressions, seeking to divide and hoodwink our communities for their personal and selfish goals even at the expense of destabilizing the NRM. This is very wrong and unacceptable. Let me put the NRM Diaspora emergence in the NRM constitution into context for those who do not know this. This will correct the wrong impression that the Diaspora has no leaders but “nkuba kyeeyo” hooligans & fraudsters selling forged NRM cards.

Beyond the NRM External wing activities of the 1980s, in 2006 during the first NRM delegates’ conference, a few of NRM Diaspora Cadres were invited as guests of the President to attend that land mark political history of the NRM. Basing on the facts that those of us who got to be invited had historical connections to the NRM Revolution and the fact that there was nothing like NRM Diaspora slot; we got to be accredited into the delegates conference  under the slot of Historical and this was on the recommendations of Hon Janat Mukwaya. Those of us invited and present were 10 including; Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi (USA), Godfery Seruwagi (USA), Peter Magomu Mashate (UK), Fred Opollot (UK), Engineer Adam Kasambula (Sweden), Prof. Erausmas Ottobong (Sweden), Twinomugisha (Sweden), Malo (USA), Israel Alecho (UK) and Moses Watulo (India).

In progress of the delegates’ conference we constituted ourselves into the NRM Diaspora Committee using the legal knowledge of Magomu Mashate a Barrister-at-Law in UK. We drafted a proposal asking the first NRM CEC council to amend the NRM constitution mandating the NRM to establish it’s organs in the Diaspora.

Owing to the fact that there was nothing like NRM Diaspora slot, whereas there was a need to have such slot in CEC, those of us present were allowed to attend the first CEC meeting as guests of the Chairman HE Museveni with some limited voting rights. Therefore, our views were through acknowledged CEC members. For that reason we all choose the Hon. Alintuma Nsambu and Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere as our Diaspora mouth piece during the CEC proceedings. Additionally we presented our draft proposals and resolution to the NRM Legal committee. Indeed, our proposals secured the support of the National Chairman and CEC voted unanimously in support of our proposal, which also was overwhelming supported by NEC. The constitution was amended and in the NRM; a new baby was born known as the NRM Diaspora. At that particular point the Diaspora delegates present pursuant to Article 24 (A) of the NRM amended constitution resolved and held elections constituting a coordinating NRM Diaspora Council to operationalize the article 24 (A). We unanimously elected Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi as Chairman, Peter Magomu Mashate as General Secretary, Prof. Erasmus Ottobong Treasurer, Engineer Adam Kasambula Political Commissar, Watulo Mobiliser, Fred Opolot Spokesperson and Godfrey Seruwagi (Deputy Treasurer). This committee was commissioned by the NRM legal Committee and the Secretariat. The above committee was confirmed as the interim Diaspora League and therefore there is no other Diaspora lawful league.

Given the fact that the Diaspora is a unique constituency, the task to get the Diaspora on the NRM Map continued with some inevitable political, statistical, logistical and economic constraints but nonetheless has soldiered on motivated by Patriotism and love for our Great Party the NRM. I will attribute this big success to Abbey Walusimbi who has travelled to many countries of the world promoting the aims and objectives of the NRM mission and why we needed the establishment of NRM organs in the Diaspora. The party chairman has also been a strong supporter and has faith in Diaspora.

However there came a wave of people in the NRM Diaspora fraternity whose political thinking and historical understanding of the NRM is very wanting and limited in scope. This wave of people have brought a spirit of defiance to Party codes of conduct, lawlessness, abusive and character assassinations, misuse of names, and disrespect of our senior NRM cadres including abusing the Secretary General Justine Lumumba and her Secretariat staff.

These rebellious attitudes are the real lines upon which the Diaspora is now being seen in bad light. I want to urge members that we shall only reach where we want to go successfully by all of us collectively abiding and keeping in lines with our party through our Secretariat not defiance. Having said that, I totally dissociate myself on political principles from the architects of that so called Diaspora ID which technically are regarded as fraud. It is illegal and a selfish scheme that has been hijacked by the opposition and enemies of the NRM to buy cards and disorganize the election of our national chairman & Presidential Flag bearer in 2020/2021.