Deputy RDC Survives Assassination

Deputy RDC Survives Assassination

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi     

Arua: Swaib Toko, the Arua Deputy RDC should thank Allah for saving him from a nasty assassination plot.

Toko was nearly sent to his creator when a group of unknown gunmen invaded his home in Onialeku village, Pajulu Sub County in Arua district at about 1:00am in the morning of Friday.

Speaking to Red Pepper Website in a telephone interview on Saturday, Toko said the goons numbering to seven were armed with one deadly gun.

“The gunmen came, likely enough, when I was still awake watching Al-Jeezira news. When I heard them struggling to break the padlock on my door, I slowly walked towards the door and flashed torch light in their eyes,” Toko explained.

The RDC said it was at this moment that the goons took off in anticipation of an eminent exchange of fire.

According to Toko, the thugs immediately shifted to his neighbor only identified as Sunday.

“They broke Sunday’s padlock and entered the house where they started beating her up,” Toko said.

Toko noted that the thugs tied Sunday’s face on gunpoint and instructed her not to make any noise as they did their job.

“At this time, the gunmen had to spread all things in the house in search of money but all in vain,” Toko stated.

He said on noticing that there was nothing in the house, the goons left Sunday in pain and fled to unknown destination.

Toko observed that the following day, they reported the matter to Arua CPS. Police visited the scene as investigations continue into the matter.

When contacted over the matter, Jude Nasucha, the Acting Arua DPC confirmed the incident and said they have intensified police patrol in the area.

Nasucha, however, noted that no suspect has yet been arrested in connection with the attempted attack on Toko’s residence.