Court To Decide Desh Kananura Fate Today

High Court in Kampala is today expected to deliver a Judgment in a murder case against car rally driver Andrew Desh Kananura and 4 others.

Last week two Court Assessors Rehema Babirye and Robert Kabuleeta advised Justice Joseph Murangira to acquit Kananura, saying although prosecution managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Badru Kateregga was killed unlawfully they failed to prove that Kananura and his alleged accomplices are the ones that killed him.

Prosecution states that Kananura and his four co-accused who are his brother Raymond Kananura, Nzoreba Samuel, Onyango Jacob and Maganda Cyrus in September 2012 while at Panamera Bar Naguru Kampala suburbs, tortured and murdered Badru Kateregga a bar attendant at Panamera.

State insists that the accused persons beat Kateregga to death suspecting him to have stolen a Shs10, 000 following a tip up from a customer.

The ruling is expected to be read today at 2:00pm.

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