Cougar Dumps Buddies Studio Boss, Gives Money To Charity

Cougar Dumps Buddies Studio Boss, Gives Money To Charity

A few months ago we revealed how popular city videographer Bashir Lukyamuzi of Badis Studios had split up with his financier and lover, a Dubai based cougar identified as Susan Namutebi aka Susan MTC.

It  has been  revealed  now that the videographer broke up with the cougar over money related deals in Dubai. The two split five months back and Susan chased Bashir from her multimillion mansion in Kitende.

Latest reports reaching us reveal that the heartbroken cougar has decided to pump her money into charity projects after falling out with Lukyamuzi. Susan has embraced the philanthropy path by sharing her money with unprivileged Ugandans.

Last week she flew into the country and through her Nabatuusa Foundation gave out free uniforms and scholastic materials to primary pupils from over ten schools. Her emphasis was on the girl child and women working along the new Entebbe Express highway.

Toyboy Bashir Lukyamuzi

She also contributed an addition of Sh100,000 to their working capital. Susan says she is here to reach Ugandans who would need help but are unlucky and promises to do more of this until she returns to Dubai. Snoops reveal that this is the money Lukyamuzi used to enjoy in his musical projects during their heydays. Snoops reveal that the once smitten couple no longer sees eye to eye.

Sources say the videographer developed some misunderstandings with Susan over money and sex. We hear this Cougar was the main financial pillar in Lukyamuzi’s life. Susan used to splash dimes on Lukyamuzi and facilitated his frequent trips to Dubai.

They formed Badi Labour Recruiting Agency which is ferrying both professionals and casual labourers to mainly work in Dubai. She also injected a lot of money in Lukyamuzi’s Badi Music studios which was known for shooting music videos, films and doing cinematography work.

It is said that she bought him state-of-the-art studio equipment from Dubai that enabled him diversify into Film and cinema which she now wants to attaché after the disagreement in their love life. The once lovebirds are fighting over money which Susan had injected in Badi’s companies which she now wants to attach.

Susan is a Dubai-based music promoter who has previously taken several Ugandan artistes to perform in Dubai. She is loaded and has invested in real estate ventures in Kampala suburbs.

She is always in the country to supervise her ongoing construction of her Suzana Village apartments along Kitende Entebbe Road, after which she flies out.