City Traders protest against Chinese, Indians with Petty Businesses

On Wednesday morning, traders in most parts of Kampala woke up on the streets protesting against over Chinese and Indians who deal in petty commodities.

The traders led by their councilor, David Lwanga complained that they pay higher taxes to import goods from china, yet Chinese do not pay any taxes. However, when the Chinese bring their commodities, they sell them at a cheaper price than the Ugandan counterparts.

John Mulumba, a retail shop owner gave an example of viper venom tiles saying Chinese sell them at sh18, 000 while Ugandans sell them at sh24, 000, which he said is not fair.

They contend that if Indians and Chinese are here as investors, let them go and start factories, production plants and leave retail business for Ugandans

Lwanga who was leading the demonstration was whisked away in a police car by the Central police Deputy Police commissioner (DPC) Joseph Bakaleke.

Bakaleke called the move as ‘sectarian’ which should not be encouraged and urged people to remain calm, and advised those that wanted to reopen their shops to do so because their security was assured .

A number of shops mostly in downtown Kampala were closed up to 11am.

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