City Drug Lords netted with 200kgs of Marijuana

City Drug Lords netted with 200kgs of Marijuana

By Stuart Yiga

Police in Kampala has seized over 200 kilo grams of marijuana and arrested the culprits who have been behind its distribution in and around Kampala City.

While attending a party for the EAPCO chiefs at Naguru Police headquarters recently, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura ordered his men to launch a serious fight against whoever has been dealing in Cannabis business including its consumers especially in Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, and among others.

Kayihura added that areas like; Buziga, Munyonyo, Kabalagala and Muyenga, all from Makindye Division, are in the lead when it comes to smuggling illegal drugs.

Recently, the Police Director in charge of Criminal Investigations, Grace Akullo begged called upon the British High Commissioner to Uganda Peter West during his visit to her offices in Kibuli, to rescue police with at least a machine that will help them in detecting drug smugglers at Entebbe airport.

“We have a problem at Entebbe airport because the available machine there can only detect machines not drugs hence making it difficult for us to seize or arrest the culprits behind the drug business,” Akullo said.

Supplementing about the matter, the Police narcotics chief-Tinka Byaruhanga revealed that most of the drug dealers conceal them in condoms, hand crafts, among other things.

Besides the drugs, Police indicate that most of the culprits also involve in various crimes including raping of women, murder, defilement of juveniles, burglary theft, among other cases.