Chameleone Feuds With Managers Over Money

Chameleone Feuds With Managers Over Money

Snoops have uncovered a rather disturbing feud that is going on at the Leone Island Camp, between singer Jose Chameleone and his Leone Island managers.

Reports indicate that Chameleone has been secretly feuding with his manager Fred Kinene over concert bookings and money related issues.

We have learnt that ever since the singer concluded his ‘Hit after Hit Legdend’ concert, things have not been going on well within his camp.

It is revealed that Chameleone has relegated most of his bookings and other errands to a promising female identified as Sulaiman Zaitun.

It is said that Zaitun has been in Chameleone’s Leone Island camp doing some underground work  for some time until the Singer elevated her to managerial level.

Sources reveal that she is also very close to Daniela Atim, who is said to have lobbied for her the role of manager after doing donkey work at Leone Island for some good years.

It is revealed that Kinene was forced to fly back to Canada a month  ago after developing misunderstandings with his boss and it is the reason  Chameleone travelled alone to Australia, where he’s having a number of concerts.

Sources add that a few months ago, Chameleone was complaining that most of people surrounding him are just using him for their personal gains and not for the interests of his career.

Apart from Kinene, the singer also suspended his media liaison manager identified as Richard Kitamegwa aka Basima because of incompetence.

Reports reveal that the affected managers are   said to be fighting the new female manager over what many have branded as an issue of jealousy and backstabbing.