Brazilian Investor Operates Cyber Scam In Uganda

Brazilian Investor Operates Cyber Scam In Uganda

A few years ago, Ugandans in Kampala and other parts of the country were left in tears after being robbed of their hard-earned money in a fake electronic fraud scam by businessman Ronald Muramuzi.

However, latest info reaching us has it that there is a new Brazilian company owned by an investor only identified as Sergio has joined the Ugandan electronic business market and is operating in the same style like Muramuzi’s infamous companies.

Snoops reveal that this new company called D9 Clube is being fronted by former NBS TV presenter Pastor Mark Kigozi and other Ugandans. We have established that this new company offers voucher subscription in dollars which gives you access to a sports betting platform.

This company is promising huge payments to its affiliates of a percentage commission every time they sell a dollar voucher to a retail customer. They also give recruitment Commission Payouts when a D9 Clube affiliate sponsors another affiliate; they get paid directly.

These direct commissions are paid based on a percentage of points attached to the D9 Clube’s affiliate packages which include D9 Clube affiliate fee – 20 points, Bronze Trader – 85 points, Silver Trader – 185 points and Gold Trader and Gold Trader+ – 340 points.

The amount of commissions an affiliate gets is determined by the affiliate package they bought. It operates just like Muramuzi’s Adfast and TelexFree scams. Muramuzi, the brain behind TelexFree, Adfast and other fraudulent cyber schemes alleged created a website called and carried out electronic fraud which cost victims over Shs2Bn.

In addition, Muramuzi allegedly during the same period deliberately sold electronic money (e-money) to his agents and co-conspirators to sell to unsuspecting 112 individuals who wanted to join his online company. It is further alleged that Muramuzi in the same period received deposits of over Shs2Bn from various people disguised as ‘packages’ with a promise to pay weekly interest without a license granted by Bank Of Uganda (BoU).

Highly placed sources intimated to us that this is D9 Clube is a new scam in town. They speak of very high gains as a way of enticing new affiliates! We have established that there are some members who have already joined with all hopes that it is a serious, safe and sustainable investment.

Last week they gave out 14 Luxury cars, Smartphones and Gold watches to committed D9 Club members as a way of hoodwinking the gullible interested novices. For example they claim that an investment of USD2000 commands a return of USD170 every week which is paid for a period of 52 weeks.

The owner of the D9 CLUBE is a Brazilian only identified as Sergio. A close source warned that some Ugandans are likely to fall victim to the D9 CLUBE scam.

It is currently undergoing investigation by Bank of Uganda.