Arrested FDC Activists Accuse Police of Torture in Nalufeenya

Arrested FDC Activists Accuse Police of Torture in Nalufeenya

By Stuart Yiga

Dozens of the arrested officials and activists of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), who were allegedly picked by Police on Wednesday from Kyadondo East in Wakiso District and were later transferred to Nalufenya detention centre in Jinja District, are accusing police of torturing them.

Although majority of them have scars as a result of the alleged torture, the deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye, on Friday came out clearly and denied the claims. Namaye also clarified that the suspects were arrested for holding illegal assembly while some members within FDC alleged that police had suspected them of holding consultative meetings for both; on presidential age limit as well as the land amendment bill yet for them they claim to have been soliciting for support for their candidates ahead of their party’s elections

However in a secret way on Friday afternoon, Police packed all the 56, suspects into the bus, trying to drive them towards Nabweru Court where they were supposed to answer charges related to holding unlawful assembly.

At first, police denied access to a team of FDC officials who were led by Secretary for Mobilization-Ingrid Turinawe, former FDC flag bearer in the recently concluded Kyadondo East Parliamentary bi-election-Apollo Katinti, Zeridah Kakai, Grace Wafula Ogutu, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, and Brian Atuheire, that had gone to visit the suspects at Nalufeenya.

“If Nalufeya is a legal detention center like police claims, why is it a No go area! If M7 claims those discussing the age limit are out of order, why are they mistreating and torturing people suspected to be involved in the age limit discussions, just discussions!,” one of the FDC activist lamented.

Stuck with their drinks and eats that they had taken to the suspects, the team decided to camp outside until police shifted them (suspects) using its small bus with another Police patrol car from in front.

After reaching Mabira forest, the bus broke down in defiance and this prompted police to bring another bus that also broke down after moving for about a kilometer!

When the police bus in which they were being transported broke down in Mabira on Friday, the FDC activists jubilated and flashed the V-sign high

Later, an ambulance was brought as an option and it’s where police wanted to fix all the suspects. Being small in size, the suspects allegedly refused to board it, saying; they would rather walk- to-Kampala than being squeezed.

By that time, upon getting the information, FDC and family members of the suspects rushed to Kasangati Police and Nabweru Court respectively, eagerly waiting to have a glance at their people who were already on transit from Nalufeenya.