Africell Bundles Make Life For Social Media Addicts

Africell Bundles Make Life For Social Media Addicts

The past couple of weeks have seen the Ugandan media awash with wars amongst top telecoms on which one was offering the real deal and which one was cheating.

Africell emerged the winner in these this as many smartphone users took to social media applauding Africell for, among other things, their internet bundles (especially SWIFT Social Bundles) while at the same time casting lashings on what they referred to as ‘cheats’.

Africell’s tech researchers have been researching about this phenomenon and below are their findings on why really Africell is on everyone’s lips:

More for less; Africell’s internet bundles come for much less a cost. For just Shs2000, you get weekly 600MBs of Africell’s SWIFT Bundle which bundle gives you access to all five major social media platforms, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Research has shown that Ugandans spend more time on social media with Facebook and WhatsApp topping the tier and with a weekly SWIFT Bundle, only unique to Africell, a typical Ugandan internet user will have freedom to chat, share multi media files, stream and download anything from your social media platforms.

In Uganda, as in any country, news (particularly on social media) breaks every second of the day and information flows in real time so the SWIFT Bundles come in handy. Whether you go for the Weekly SWIFT Bundle or the Daily SWIFT Bundle, you stay in position for all round updates 24/7. The Daily SWIFT Bundle comes with an option of Shs200 for 50MBs or 500Shs for 100Mbs to access SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube, Skype & Much more; The most exciting offer so far is the Triple Bundles offer where you get three times more data when you load a daily data bundle of 200MBs and above. 200MBs becomes 600MBs for only Shs3,200 300MBs become 900MBs at just Shs4500 and 1GB becomes 3GBs at only Shs12,000.

Three times more data than what you actually pay for, giving more value for my money. With this triple data you have loads of data to Skype with my family abroad, link with my business associates, enjoy YouTube, Netflix & download torrents.

Attractive Deal Bundles; Africell also has heavy data deal data bundles; theHappy Night and Happy Hour packages that’s 1GB for 5000Shs valid for 1hour or 1GB at Shs2500 valid between Midnight and 6am for the night internet crawlers respectively.

More than just data; That’s not all. The fun continues into the territory of voice calls. Calling isat an unbelievable price of justShs1only per second: you don’t have to wait for the discount zone to make my call yet again, for Shs1000 only you get to call free of charge for 24hours or better still call for zero shillings from midnight to 6am every night.